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What is a Homeowners Association? 
It is a nonprofit corporation or unincorporated association the purpose of which is to manage a common interest real estate development. The HOA is comprised of owners of property in the development. The HOA elects members of a governing board to direct its activities from its members.  

How many Board members do we have?

We currently have 3 board members, the President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

How do I become involved with the Board or Committee?
We have a number of committees you can join, please click
committees in the menu for more information.  Board positions are normally voted in at the Annual Homeowner Meeting, but feel free to email us at to express interest, we sure can use the help.

Do I have to pay my annual dues?
Yes, we are a mandatory Homeowners Association.  These dues cover expenses of the association such as water and electricity for the common area, landscaping, improvements, management fees, postage and stationary as well as meeting costs for the Annual Homeowner Meeting.

When are annual dues payable?
They are invoiced in December and due January of each year.  Failure to pay by the due date can result in penalties being applied to your account.  

Why aren't you doing anything about my neighbors unsightly yard?
While you may think that nothing is being done about your neighbors unsightly yard, our property manager inspects the neighborhood every 2 weeks.  A courtesy notice is sent out to the owners giving them 15 days to rectify the situation per our CC&R and By-law guidelines.  If they have not rectified the situation by the 15th day post notification, our property manager sends them a second notice, after which we would be able to fine the owner depending on the violation.  

We also work with the
City of Plano in some instances.  The City of Plano's property standards department provides examples of common violations. Violations can be reported to the city through the City of Plano Property Standards Division or using the online form. Once an owner is in violation of any of the City's standards, the owner receives a courtesy notice, if they do not respond, the City will take over maintenance in some cases.  However, the City will not intervene until the owner has not taken action for the required amount of days (in some cases up to 60 days).     

I didn't order the newspaper delivery, how do I stop the Dallas Briefing/Morning Newspaper being delivered to me?
You can stop the delivery 
here.  Remember to click the button saying:Stop delivery of Briefing to my home.